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Knee Replacement - Replace Fear With Hope

A close-up image of an orthopedist examining the knee of a senior patient illustrates overcoming the fear of knee replacement.

It’s understandable to be nervous about any surgery, especially given the general reaction of most elderly patients when they hear the word "surgery" or "replacement" is instant fear. But in this blog, we are here to replace fear with confidence.

Knee replacement surgery has been performed worldwide for many decades. It's among the most common elective surgeries in healthcare. The surgery significantly transforms lives. Before surgery, individuals may avoid activities, leading to decreased mobility and worsening health conditions. These conditions include diabetes, blood pressure issues, and heart problems due to limited movement. Undergoing a knee replacement can markedly improve one's quality of life. It not only boosts mobility but also restores confidence. This confidence aids in combating life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, high blood sugar, and hypertension.

Fear of knee replacement surgery is only natural. I always believe that shedding light on all facts is the only way to alleviate anxiety. Fight fear with facts! In this blog, I will address common aspects of fear that a person may develop while contemplating knee replacement. I believe these factors will give you the confidence to fear the problem rather than the solution. The knee pain and the paralysing effects of severe knee pain are what you should be scared of and not the saviour- knee replacement, which, in fact, can save you from the pain.

Is Knee Replacement The Only Option For Long-Term Knee Pains?

Absolutely NOT. Here at Sri Balaji Hospital, we follow a very systematic grading system (from 1 to 4) to better understand and communicate the extent of damage to the knee joint to you. Based on this scoring system, your or your loved one's condition is assessed, and treatment options are explained and suggested accordingly. Grade 1 joint damage typically resolves well with simple home remedies or physiotherapy, while grade 4 damage to the joint commonly requires surgery for optimal recovery.

If surgery is deemed necessary, our assessment focuses on determining whether the individual will achieve the best results with a partial knee replacement or if a total joint replacement is the only viable solution. This decision will be thoroughly discussed with you and your relatives to ensure clarity and empower you and your caregivers to make an informed decision.

How Bad Is The Pain After Knee Replacement?

The concept of pain is subjective. No two people will complain of the exact intensity of pain or may not express it in the same way. With the extensive development in the field of joint replacement at Sri Balaji Hospital, a lot of cutting-edge pain relief measures have been incorporated into our knee replacement-specific protocol. This ensures that post-operative pain after knee replacement is maintained at a bare minimum, ensuring patient comfort even immediately after surgery. The pain management protocol at Sri Balaji Hospital is also very robust to the point that we ensure our patients can walk comfortably within the first 24 hours of surgery.

Your hospital stay will be short

On average, patients are in and out of the hospital within 72 hours (or 3 days). So, your life is essentially transformed for the better in just 3 days. This period can almost certainly make the difference between severe, crippling knee pain and total relief from your knee pain. This enables a return to all the activities you wish to carry out without pain, including walking, travelling, and even trekking. You no longer have to constantly worry about how these activities could affect your knee.

Pain and bleeding are at a minimum

Only a small incision of 2.5 to 3 inches is made, resulting in less bleeding. My anaesthesia team and I administer an ultrasound-guided injection near the knee, effectively and temporarily blocking the pain signals from your knee. This further ensures minimal post-operative pain and discomfort.

Recovery is quick

You will most likely be encouraged to walk comfortably on the same evening as the knee replacement surgery. Our physical therapy team will be with you from the day of surgery, working in tandem with my surgical team. We will start you on exercises, including knee bending and sitting with your knee bent from a chair or sofa, within 24 hours. We aim to give you the freedom to drive a car or bike within 15 days and resume a lifestyle without limitations within 6 weeks. The top ortho doctors in Chennai are here to relieve you from the excruciating pain!

Turn your knee pain to NO pain!


Dr. Balaji Subramanian

Dr. Balaji Subramanian

I'm Dr. Balaji Subramanian, M.B.B.S., M.S.Ortho, proudly serving as the Director at Sri Balaji Multi-Speciality Hospital & Pvt. Ltd, Chennai. With 14 years of dedicated experience, I excel in orthopaedics, traumatology, and joint replacement. My passion lies in precise fracture fixation and pioneering minimally invasive approaches for hip and knee replacements.

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