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Trauma Care and
Fracture management

Sri Balaji Hospital is dedicated to delivering top-tier Level 1 care and comprehensive psychosocial support for trauma care and fracture management.
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OrthopaedicTrauma Care and Fracture Management

Orthopaedic trauma care and fracture management encompasses a broad spectrum of conditions, ranging from isolated fractures to complex and critical accidents involving fractures. While general orthopaedic surgeons can manage many fractures, the majority of cases greatly benefit from the specialised care provided by fracture specialists. Our team at Sri Balaji Hospital comprises highly skilled specialists with unique expertise and training in treating orthopaedic injuries.

We are dedicated to delivering Level 1 care for individuals experiencing trauma due to orthopaedic injuries. Our commitment extends beyond medical treatment to include comprehensive psychosocial support to patients and their families. Recognising the paramount importance of mental well-being in the swift recovery of our patients, we prioritise emotional support as an integral part of our care.

Fracture Management Procedures We Offer

At Sri Balaji Hospital, our expertise lies in delivering comprehensive orthopaedic wellness, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of various orthopaedic disorders. We are committed to providing holistic care for our patients, with a focus on two key areas:

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Paediatric Fracture Care
Children have unique musculoskeletal needs due to the presence of growth plates at the ends of their bones, where growth occurs. These growth plates are vulnerable to injury, particularly during early adolescence, when they are in the final stages of development. At Sri Balaji Hospital, we have a wealth of experience treating a record number of adolescents, young adults, and children with fractures of varying complexities. Our specialised team excels in precise diagnosis and creating optimal care plans to address conditions related to the growing musculoskeletal system.
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Geriatric Fracture Care
Sri Balaji Hospital is at the forefront of hospitals offering dedicated Geriatric care in Chennai. Our Geriatric Fracture program offers safe operative and non-operative treatment solutions for fracture healing. Our holistic approach to treatment involves collaboration with cardiologists, diabetologists, and neurosciences specialists (if required). This approach aims to understand the root causes of these injuries and ensures preventive measures for the future, empowering elderly patients to lead a more confident and active lifestyle. Sub-specialties and specialists, alongside our advanced CT scan and X-ray services, work in synergy to ensure the best diagnosis and treatments from the moment the patient enters our emergency department. We manage every aspect of care, from surgical interventions and physical therapy to recovery and pain management.
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Logo of Sri Balaji Hospitals
Sri Balaji Hospital is a centre for Orthopaedics and Traumatology and is unwavering in its commitment to providing high-quality healthcare at affordable rates. Our dedication stems from the belief that you, the community, are at the core of every endeavour, deserving nothing less than the utmost care.
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