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Arthroscopy and
Sports Medicine

Experience specialised care for joint injuries and diseases, with a focus on Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, at Sri Balaji Hospital in Chennai.
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The Department of Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

The Department of Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine at Sri Balaji Hospital is headed by Dr. Balaji Subramanian. With a keen interest & a flare for the updated and latest in innovative healthcare relating to joint diseases & surgeries, Dr Balaji Subramanian is an authority in all things related to all injuries/ diseases involving the joints. Being an ardent sportsperson, he brings in a refreshing mix of personal experiences in the field of training, sports & related injuries with the latest advances in joint reconstructive surgery to diagnose, treat and heal joint-related sports injuries using 4K arthroscopic technology.

Arthroscopic  Surgeries

Like all other joint surgeries, arthroscopic techniques for joint surgeries can be performed in all joints of the human body. However, the most commonly performed arthroscopic joint surgeries involve the following joints:
Knee Arthroscopy
Shoulder Arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, offers a non-intrusive means for doctors to observe the knee joint without requiring a significant incision through the skin and surrounding soft tissues. This advanced technique serves both diagnostic and treatment purposes, addressing a spectrum of knee-related issues. Physicians at Sri Balaji Hospital might suggest knee arthroscopy for individuals experiencing persistent pain that hasn't responded to non-surgical interventions. This procedure can effectively alleviate discomfort caused by various conditions affecting the cartilage surfaces and adjacent soft tissues around the knee joint.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy, a precise surgical procedure, employs a minuscule camera known as an arthroscope to assess and mend tissues within or around the shoulder joint. This camera is inserted through a minor incision in the skin. At Sri Balaji Hospital, experienced physicians may propose shoulder arthroscopy for individuals grappling with persistent pain that has not shown improvement through non-surgical remedies. This procedure effectively alleviates discomfort stemming from diverse issues that affect the rotator cuff tendons, articular cartilage, labrum, and the adjacent soft tissues enveloping the joint.

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