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A close-up image of an orthopedist examining the knee of a senior patient illustrates overcoming the fear of knee replacement.
Knee Replacement - Replace Fear With Hope
It’s understandable to be nervous about any surgery, especially given the general reaction of most elderly patients when they hear the word "surgery" or "replacement" is instant fear. But in this blog, we are here to replace fear with confidence. Knee replacement surgery has been performed worldwide for many decades. It's among the most common […]
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A doctor working on a model of a hip joint illustrates the tips to recover after a hip replacement surgery.
Top Recommended Tips For Hip Replacement Recovery
In my decade-long experience in joint care, rehabilitation, and joint replacement surgeries, I've discovered certain parameters that significantly enhance the recovery rate following a total hip replacement. These parameters are simple yet undoubtedly beneficial. Let us take a look at the most effective tips for hip replacement recovery. Simple Yet Powerful Parameters That Can Help […]
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A doctor examines an X-ray of the hip prior to a total hip replacement procedure.
Total Hip Replacement: Everything You Need to Know
I often get asked by patients and their loved ones a lot of questions related to planning for hip replacement surgery and its recovery period: How can I prepare? What are the challenges that I should expect post-surgery? Will I need a caregiver, and if so, for how long? While responses may vary depending on […]
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An orthopedic expert examines the injured elbow of a tennis player illustrates the advanced treatment for sports injuries.
Advanced Treatments for Sports Injuries
While sports injuries are a common part of an athlete's career, their effects can be physically and psychologically damaging, potentially threatening one's career or fitness ambitions. Here at Sri Balaji Hospital, we aim to raise awareness and reassure the injured that early and accurate diagnosis can help you bounce back stronger. We also aim to […]
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A doctor holds the patient's knees to check for bone injuries one of the common orthopedic injury.
Common Orthopaedic Injuries: Essential Knowledge for Recovery
Ever dealt with bone or muscle pain? It's not just you. Many people face such issues, from fractures to muscle strains. Most bone and muscle issues occur due to falls and high-intensity strain. This can lead to short-term muscle strains or fatigue, wear and tear, or just age-related problems. This guide will show you the […]
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A doctor testing the knee of a football player for injuries in clinic.
Introduction To Sports Injuries
Sports injuries are a common part of every sportsperson's career (whether recreational, semi-professional or professional). The common misconception is that pain during or after a sport is probably a result of a sports injury. However, pain after a workout, training, or playing a sport may be due to multiple reasons. In other words, pain experienced […]
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