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The Centre for World-Class Medical Care

In a fascinating shift, India has emerged as a sought-after hub for global medical care, marking a departure from the days when affluent Indians sought treatment abroad. This transformation rests on a twofold advantage. First, India's medical infrastructure stands out prominently, featuring world-class facilities and advanced healthcare services. Second, India offers swift and efficient access to healthcare, avoiding the extended waiting times often experienced in Western countries.

Boasting internationally-trained specialists, India offers cutting-edge treatments from robotic surgeries to intricate organ transplants, all at a fraction of the cost in the West. Moreover, with the exorbitant healthcare expenses in the US and the UK, along with factoring in travel costs, it's economically wiser for insurance-linked Indian hospitals to beckon patients. This trend extends to uninsured individuals seeking affordable treatment options.

Sri Balaji Hospital extends a warm welcome to patients from around the world, including those from nations such as Oman, Iraq, the UAE, North Africa, and Bangladesh. Our strategic location, which is just 5.5 kilometres from the airport, and our proximity to premium hotels make us the preferred healthcare destination. We have also established partnerships with major corporations. We are proud to serve over 500,000 patients worldwide. Our international patient care offers a harmonious blend of expertise, compassion, and personalised attention to transform your life.

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International Patient Care - Process We Adopt

Located in the heart of Chennai, Sri Balaji Hospitals is a state-of-the-art facility serving as a beacon of healthcare hope for hundreds of patients from all over the globe. Hailed for our empathetic care and high-end medical technologies, Sri Balaji Hospital has garnered immense trust within the international patient community for years. Are you an international patient seeking a consultation with our doctors? Here’s how the process goes:


The patient submits an enquiry form along with all relevant medical reports as attachments. Our team reverts with the appropriate answers to your queries and the complete details about the estimated cost of treatment. The details also provide a brief overview of the recovery period for your particular medical procedure or treatment. We also provide virtual consultation through WhatsApp or email to address any inquiries or concerns about the treatment.

A man sending many e-mails to customers.

Our international guest relations members are more than happy to assist you in booking a video consultation with your specialist. You can reach us on WhatsApp at +91 98400 67543 to book your video consultation appointment. Our team will assist you in every aspect of your medical treatment here at Sri Balaji Hospitals right from organising your paperwork and applying for your visa to planning your stay and arranging for transportation while you are here in Chennai.

A female patient chatting with a doctor using a laptop.

Our team sends the required pre and post-procedural instructions soon after you provide us with your journey details.

A laptop displaying a calendar.

Our hospital representative will receive and pick you up from the airport after ensuring your passport is verified for FRRO registration. The patient's appointment is scheduled, and the registration procedure is then explained to both the patient and their attendant.

The image illustrates overseas patient for treatment.

Sri Balaji Hospitals has a dedicated group of hotels and convenient accommodations within the vicinity. You may select an accommodation that suits your needs and budget. The Hospital International Wing team will assist you with local information and your transportation.

A male doctor discussing with a female patient.

The first consultation with your specialist at Sri Balaji Hospitals is scheduled soon after your arrival. Your doctor will discuss the details of your procedure or treatment and the available alternatives and clearly explain the risks involved. This will help you and your doctor collaboratively establish clear expectations and mutually agree upon the desired outcome of the treatment.

The view of a room in the hospital.

After undergoing a medical procedure, you can recover in our top-notch treatment facilities for a period of time specified according to the nature of the procedure. Our facilities ensure utmost hygiene standards and are meticulously kept free from infections. Additionally, we provide the convenience of follow-up email consultations once the patient returns home.

A medical expert preparing a patient medical report.

Why Choose Chennai?

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is one of the biggest metropolitan cities in India. The city, while evolving rapidly in terms of infrastructure, medical facilities, hospitality, and urbanisation, remains deeply rooted in rich culture, heritage, and history.

In recent years, Chennai has become the go-to destination for world-class, affordable healthcare for patients from near, far, and overseas. The city is home to healthcare facilities at par with the best in the world. Another primary reason is the reasonable cost of treatment when compared to other medical centres. The city’s access to transportation, food, accommodation and the hospitable nature of its citizens make patients feel very much at home.

The Chennai Central, the main railway terminus in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Document Checklist for Medical Visa Extension
Application form
Letter from your hospital
Recent passport-size photograph
Clearance certificate from police
Medical fees payable must be submitted as DD after application approval
A request letter to Foreign Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) (Only in case of Delay / Overstay)
Original copy of a valid passport including photo and visa page, page showing passport validity, and Indian immigration arrival stamp.
Proof of address ( Copy of a valid lease agreement, last electricity bill, telephone bill with a letter from the landlord, along with owner’s ID proof.) You may also show a letter of proof from the hostel or hotel or a C Form copy.
A medical report from a hospital or treatment centre which contains detailed information about you and the duration of your treatment.
Treating doctor’s professional designation, printed name, and signature with hospital seal and diagnosis.
Other supporting documents.

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