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Anaesthesiology &
Pain Management

We are experts in ensuring your safety and well-being during and after surgical procedures.
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Image of a doctor preparing a patient with ventilator mask, before surgery.

Department ofAnaesthesiology & Pain Management

The Department of Anaesthesiology at Sri Balaji Hospital boasts of some of the finest and most skilled consultants. We combine cutting-edge technology and the finest skills to facilitate your smooth transition from being critically ill or in pain to a quick and complete recovery.

The role of anaesthesiology as a field in healthcare is often understated. Anaesthesiologists worldwide play a crucial role in the painless transition from illness to well-being, whether in the operating room or the intensive care units (ICUs).

At Sri Balaji Hospital, Chennai, we rely on this core principle to choose our anaesthesiologists. We take great care to ensure consistency in delivering quality results even in high-risk situations. Our approach and determination to provide the best put us on par with the leading healthcare centres on a global and national level.

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Our Expertise in Anaesthesia & Pain Management

The Department of Anaesthesiology takes pride in using the latest and safest patient-centric methods for anaesthetic care. We have some of the city’s best anaesthesiologists consistently delivering top-notch patient care beyond the confines of the operation theatre. We believe in optimising the pre and post-operative period to ensure a speedy recovery and the best possible patient outcomes.
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Pain Management
Sri Balaji’s Pain Management team offers comprehensive pain relief solutions and holistic care for patients undergoing surgical procedures. Our highly skilled anaesthesiologists are available round the clock to provide their expertise before, during, and after the surgery. We specialise in interventional anaesthesiology and utilise our knowledge to alleviate pain and provide the highest quality care to our patients.
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A Pain-free Way to Better Health

Experience better function and renewed wellness with the compassionate care of our pain management experts. Consult our specialists today!
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Our Anaesthesiology Team

Meet our team of Anaesthesiologists:
Image of Dr.Arivumani , Consultant Dept. Of Anesthesia & Critical Care Medicine, 15 years of experience.
Dr. Arivumani T. A.
MBBS., DNB Anaes.,
Dept. Of Anaesthesia & Critical Care Medicine
15 years of experience
Image of Dr.Vijay, Consultant
Dept. Of Anesthesia,
 11 years of experience.
Dr. Vijay Kumar
MD,DNB(Anaesthesia), EDAIC
Dept. of Anaesthesia
11 years of experience
Image of Dr.Aishwarya Sivabalan, Consultant
Dept. Of Anesthesia, 5 years of experience.
Dr. Aishwarya Sivabalan
M.B.B.S., M.D., DNB
Dept. of Anaesthesia
5 years of experience
Our team of anaesthesiologists is not only experienced at administering anaesthesia before surgeries but also at delivering instant pain relief using the latest technology.
This extensive and updated knowledge in the field of pain relief medicine is called Interventional Anaesthesiology. Our experts use this medical approach to provide instant pain relief for specific medical conditions that would have required surgery. By breaking the pain cycle, patients are given a better chance of successful rehabilitation. These pain relief measures are achieved using a fluoroscope (or a C-arm), a CT scan, or a simple ultrasound scan.
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